After dragging her name in mud, Sonko now claims Kananu saved him from an assassination attempt

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Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has sensationally claimed that the immediate former governor Anne Kananu saved him from an assassination attempt.

Without offering the specifics, Sonko who had fallen out with Kananu and has now made up with her said that politicians who were jealous of his meteoric rise in politics had planned to kill him through a plane crash.

According to him it was Kananu who was working at the Wilson Airport at that time who saved him by offering to hire choppers for him on his behalf.

“The politicians wanted me to die in a plane crash but Kananu saved me a great deal by hiring choppers for me without another person knowing,” claimed Mr Sonko at an initiation ceremony for Kananu’s son in Embu.

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Kananu was at that time a security manager employed by the Kenya Airports Authority.

Sonko hired her at City Hall where they became uncomfortably close and would take foreign trips together and party all night raising eye brows about the nature of their relationship as Kananu was married at that time.

They however fell out after a plan to prevent Sonko’s impeachment through the nomination of Kananu as Deputy Governor failed to work.

Once Sonko was impeached, the plan was that Kananu would decline to take up the governor’s position but she saw a chance of launching her political career which she took with both arms.

Angered by the term of events, Sonko resulted to releasing defamatory material and Kananu’s phone recordings to the public in a bid to discredit her.


“Ati wewe, Kananu, Abbas, Nixo munanichorea kumbavu nyinyi waizi wa pesa ya umma grabbers wa mashamba za watu. Mimi sio Yusuf yule ulijaribu kuuwa na grenade nyangau wewe,” he once said of Kananu.

Now out of political power, both of them have decided to pick up from where they left

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