I no longer pack and leave ‘tukikosana’ na Nameless, Wahu

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Veteran singer Wahu Kagwi has disclosed that the secret to her long marriage with fellow artist Nameless is that she no longer packs and leaves the house if they have a disagreement by learning to accept her husband for who he is.

The ‘Sweet Love’ singer has in an interview with Njugush’s wife Celestine on her YouTube page said that she once scouted for a house for months during their first two years in marriage but finally accepted that Nameless will never change.

“Inafika mahali unasema wewe ndio uko my friend, na mimi ndio niko, wacha tung’ang’ane. Itabidi sasa tupendane. But of course hapo mwanzoni, weeh! Kwanza that two years, nilikuwa nishaenda hata house hunting, ‘like what can I afford in this Nairobi because I am an independent woman’,” she said.

“The difference is, sasa ni mimi nimeacha kukasirika sana. Viatu bado zinaachwa mahali zinaachwa Nimezoea. Nimesema, hata change. Tuelienda counseling tukaambiwa people rarely change. You choose what is going to stress you and what is going to make you happy,” she said.

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Nameless had in an interview two years ago disclosed how he has managed to remain happily married for 17 years when most celebrities barely last a year.

“We used to wonder. How come I love this person but we still cannot get along. It is not that your partner is a bad human being. It is just that the two of you cannot see eye to eye,” said the artist who recently welcomed his third child with Wahu.

His wife has however said that Nameless has gotten used to the marriage that he no lo longer buys her gifts “but it is fine.”

“After some time in marriage you look at things and say, ‘you’re not buying me flowers, ah, I won’t die’ but at the beginning I was like mbona umesahau date night,” said Wahu adding that her husband is yet to buy her a push gift for giving birth.

“I’m just sipping my juice hoping that push gift will come. Wacha ni hope ni shamba, ndio my push gift, Kikuyu romance,” she added.

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