Kwangu hakukaliki; Ruto says Rachel pressuring him to pay bet after France lost final

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President William Ruto and Rachel PHOTO | COURTESY

President Willliam Ruto who is still yet to come to terms with France’s loss at the world cup final in the hands of Argentina has tickled netizens by joking on how first lady Rachel Ruto is pressuring him to pay his bet.

“Hustler fund wamenikataza siwezi lipa bet nayo wanasema pesa ni ya husle. Isorait. Kwangu hakukaliki. Lady #1 na watoi ni pressure. Wale kuku zangu wataniokoa nilipe. Lakini naulizaje? Bet huishanga na 90min ama extra time huesabiwa? Even penalty shootouts? Kuuliza tu?,” the commander in chief has asked on Twitter.

Argentina beat defending champions France 4-2 in post-match penalties following a thrilling 3-3 draw in 120 minutes whose icing on the cake was French superstar Kylian Mbappe’s hat trick. This is the World Cup title for Argentina and the first one since 1986.

Before the match however, the president and the first had pledged allegiance to opposing sides on twitter.

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“Supporting the African team in the world Cup finals. Good luck Rachel and kids as you support the other side. Remember to pay the bet!! Either way expecting fine football,” said the president who was in Qatar for the finals.

“Game on Bill. May the best team win. Vamos Argentina,” responded the first lady.

Now that Argentina has won, the first lady has asked publicly the president to pay his bet

“On this National Day of the State of Qatar, the host of the 2022 World Cup, we have been treated to a spectacular and iconic 2022 World Cup final match between Argentina and France,” said Rachel.

“The emotive game saw fingers crossed across the world. But, as is the essence of all sports, a best among equals had to be found. And, Argentina beat France 4-2 on penalty kicks after a thrilling 3-3 draw. What a match,” she said.

“I want to join the rest of the world in congratulating the Argentina National Football Team, Captained by Lionel Messi, for winning the 2022 World Cup tournament. Wear your three stars with pride! Bill, pay your bill,” she said.

The president has made it clear he will pay but after he sells some chicken from his Sugoi farm.

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