Mystery as student who was visiting her sister found dead at boyfriend’s house

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As Kenyans were celebrating Christmas this week, Victoria Muthoni Theuri left her parents home in Kahawa Sukari, Kiambu county saying she had gone to visit her sister.

When evening came and she did not return home by nightfall her parents called her sister to find out whether the Kenyatta University Student was sleeping at her place or if she would return home.

Her sister said she had not seen her. By this time Victoria’s phone was off and efforts to call were were unsuccessful. Her parents who were now seething with rage that Victoria had lied to them thought that may be her phone’s battery had probably died.

The night passed and Boxing Day arrived. Victoria, a Public Policy and Administration student at KU did not come back home. Her phone was still off too.

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Her parents rage had by then transformed to rage and now a mixture of worry and despair has crept in. They reported her as a missing person at the Kahawa Sukari Police Station.

Young, beautiful and outgoing, Victoria had been having problems with her parents but she had never gone missing before. She had apparently gotten pregnant to a man her parents did not know and worse she was still in school.

Her pregnancy had tested her relationship with her parents to the core but she still lived at home in a relatively wealthy neighbourhood and still went to school as she had promised her parents.

“She rarely slept away from home and if she did there must have been a good reason,” one of her relatives told

What her family did not know is that the boyfriend who got her pregnant lived just within the neighbourhood.

Kahawa Sukari and Kahawa Wendani border each other. Infact for you to get to Thika Road from Kahawa Sukari you have to pass through Kahawa Wendani.

Kenyatta University too is just next to Kahawa Wendani. So after school Victoria usually spent time at her boyfriend’s apartment at Alvo House before going home. There are even days she left home for school only for her to end up at her boyfriend’s apartment when everyone though she was attending classes.

This is also what happened on Christmas day on the day she went missing.

As her family was looking for her, the residents of Alvo house started noticing some foul smell from one of the apartments which was locked.

“The boy who lives there was not around so we found it a bit odd that there was a bad smell like something had died and the house was locked,” Adrian Kamau who lives in the apartment told us.

Something was definitely wrong. The care taker immediately made a report at the Kahawa Sukari Police Station where just a day before Victoria’s parents had reported her as a missing person.

Police went to the house on Thursday and with the help of welders broke the door. Victoria’s was found at the sitting room with no visible injuries.

“She must have been dead for at least three days,” a police officer aware of investigations told us.

Her boyfriend who had gone to his rural home was immediately traced and arrested. He was taken to Ruiru sub county Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters for questioning.

According to him, he left her girlfriend at his house on Christmas day and travelled to his parents home. This has thrown the case wide open and returned detectives to the drawing board.

Whether the boyfriend is saying the truth or not, only time will tell.

Victoria’s post morterm is set to happen later on Friday in order to find out what killed her and why?

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