Nasra Yusuf says she regrets ignoring advice from her relatives by marrying Rashid who had red flags all over him

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Churchill Show Comedienne Nasra Yusuf who recently announced that she is back on the market after breaking up with hubby Rashid has said that she had hoped that her ex would change for a whole four years only for her to burn her fingers.

In an interview with Nairobi News about her marriage which fell apart after just seven months, the comedienne said that her relatives had taken issue with her marrying a person who is not from her Somali tribe but she held on for the sake of love.

“Nilikuwa nampenda tu. That’s all I can say. Ile genuinely because he was from a different background than me, yeye ni Mcoast, mimi ni Msomali. Watu wangu walileta nom like why I’m I getting married to someone who is not from my culture nini, but I still stood for him and chose him and for things to end the way they ended, inachoma,” she said.

“We had been together for four years, kama tunadate tu. We were best friends, tumekuwa through all that and of course being Muslim, lazima for you guys to enjoy your relationship even more, you have to be married. So that is why we took it to the next step,” she further said.

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According to her, the decision to ignore advice from her relatives started haunting her immediately after the two tied the knot.

“We had been having the same issues, over and over. Hata tukidate, the same issues zilikuwa zinarudia. Nilikuwa nishaziona hizi sitasurvive nazo but juu nakupenda, wacha tu niolewe, afadhali tuwachanie mbele. I had seen all those things zilikuwa zinakisarisha but still he is a good person but vitu zinaniuma ni deal breakers,” she explained.

“Let him change for the next woman now, I’ve done my part…Niko soko mbaya but not ready to mingle at all,” she said.

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