Police officer goes berserk and shoots in the air over a packet of wheat flour

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A police officer in Kiambu lost his cool and shot in the air four times while attacking the employees of a charitable organization that had brought bales of flour for safe keeping at Muna Police Post after his demands to get more flour failed.

Constable Thomas Mukeku Mwendwa who was on a night shift at the police post became irritated when officials of Kenya Diaspora Media -USA issued two packets to be shared among five officers who were at the station on Tuesday, December 20.

According to Jeremiah Mureithi, an official of the organization, the police officer descended on them with blows and kicks before shooting five times in the air.

“He became irritated and since he was armed with a G3 rifle S/No. KP 669861 loaded with 20 rounds of live ammunition discharged four rounds of 7.62 MM and in the process attacked one civilian who works with the same organization as a driver namely John Waithaka a kikuyu male adult aged 33 years who sustained serious injuries on the head, mouth and complain of chest pain using fists and blows,” says a police report about the incident that has shocked many.

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“The matter was reported to the police. Police officers led by SCPC Limuru, SCCIO Limuru and OCS Tigoni rushed to the scene and managed to disarm the officer. The G3 rifle kept as exhibit with 16 live ammunitions and 4 four spent cartridges. The officer was later escorted to Kikuyu general hospital for to undergo alcoholic assessment content,” said the report.

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