Revealed: Blacky’z Lounge threatening Kilimani residents who dare complain about its noise levels

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As the residents of Nairobi enjoy quieter nights courtesy of a clamp down on night clubs that were making noise in residential areas, the owners of Blacky’s Lounge have resorted to issuing threats to residents of Kilimani who dare raise questions about their noise levels.

Blacky’z located along Argwings Khodek road has been in trouble on several occasions over noise pollution but their latest display of impunity and disregard for a peaceful neighbourhood has now reached scary levels.

Those who dare raise about the club which was just two years ago put up for auction but saved by the courts are now being threatened with dire consequences if they don’t shut up.

Infact the club has planted spies in Kilimani WhatsApp groups whose job is to monitor conversations and forward the contacts of those who complain about the noise coming from the club to faceless people who in turn threaten them with dire consequences.

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“My issue with you is the endless texts you keep sending on the platform about the noise levels of a particular club which you know very well are lies,” says one such message sent to a member of the Kilimani Foundation WhatsApp group using an unregistered number that has seen

“We all run biasharas and this is not correct. That joint employs so may staff. Think about them before spoiling their name out of nothing. We are watching you,” said the message sent from the number 0726967948 which is unregistered but we have verified that it is linked to Blacky’z.

The club is among the 43 joints that governor Johnson Sakaja warned last month to reduce their noise levels or be shut down. Whether the governor will follow up with his threats is another issue all together because he is also a frequent reveler of night clubs in Kilimani and was even arrested while drinking during curfew hours at Ladies Lounge during the Covid pandemic.

Besides that, this is not the first time the owners of Blacky’z lounge Frank Logistics Limited which is notorious for engaging in fraudulent land deals has issued threats for anyone standing in the way of their interests.

Frank Logistics Limited is owned by controversial land grabbers Judy Muthoni Ngugi and Francis Nyaga. In 2016 they sent armed men to demolish property that had been owned by an Asian family in Westlands claiming they had acquired ownership of the land following an expiry of its lease.

Nazmudin Kurji and Sadrudin Kurji had purchased the land in 1972 and its lease ended in 2003. In 2007, the couple –– initiated the process of renewal of the lease as per the law. However, in mid-2016 Judy and Francis started making threatening calls to the Kurji’s demanding that they vacate the land which culminated in the demolition of houses on the property.

The Kurji’s reported the matter to National Land Commission (NLC) which after a lengthy hearing rendered its decision in favour of Kurjis but also exposed the extent the Frank Logistics had gone to acquire the land and property through forgery of documents. NLC forwarded the matter to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) seeking the arrest of Judy and his husband Francis. The two have never been arrested.

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