Who is Yvette Obura’s new man?

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Popular artiste Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura, has hinted that she is dating.

The mother of one has shared a photo with a man known as Kinte who is a food content creator, posing with her daughter Mueni Bahati.

Fam,” she captioned the photo, which was accompanied by red heart emojis, which symbolize love. 

Last year Yvette did a similar stunt which makes it difficult to ascertain if Kinte is indeed her new man or they are just clout chasing.

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Since breaking up with Bahati, Yvette has only dated one man publicly, Trevor Nzomo who they broke up in late 2021 after getting engaged.

“Mapenzi ya Kanairo is a scam,” she answered after one of her fans noticed that she was no longer wearing her engagement ring early last year.

“For those asking, I was dumped and I accepted and moved on. I cried enough and I’m now I’m okay,” said Nzomo.

Yvette first introduced Trevor to fans during a radio interview with Massawe Jappani. However, despite many seeing her man, Yvette said she would not put her relationship on social media for people to see and give opinions.

“I will never. Actually you are the one who has had the privilege of seeing him so let’s keep it on the low.”

Yvette’s relationship with Trevor was her first public relationship since her split with her child’s father, Bahati.

“Nothing serious happened between us to cause for us to break up. People fall in and out of love all the time and that was our case. I was the one that fell out of love first. Other than being his baby mama I don’t like being on the limelight. I just felt I couldn’t do it,” she said when asked about her relationship with the singer.

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