Seven businesses you can start with Sh50,000 in 2023

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Getting a job in Kenya has become very hard for most people and especially youths who have just cleared campus. Lack of these jobs has resulted in a lot of crimes that have seen most of these youths in jail.

On the other hand, some people have been employed for a long time and wish for a change, that is, becoming self-employed. Here are ten business ideas you can start with under Sh50, 000 in Kenya instead of just sitting at home

Photocopy shop

The photocopying and printing bureaus are one of the businesses that was feared could be wiped out by the emergence of the digital era which was poised to do away with paper work but walk around the streets of all major towns and you will realise that the business is still viable.

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You can get a good second hand photocopier at Sh40,000 which will also serve as a multifunctional printer. Several other factors can affect the price like speed, paper size, model etc. You can also add value to your business by getting a computer for typesetting at Sh25,000, a laminator at Sh4,000 and a binding machine at Sh10,000.

Juice bar

A juicer goes for Sh2,000 but it depends on the type. If you are targeting up-market business, you can get a nutri-bullet which goes for Sh10,000. You will also need a fridge and a hygiene permit plus a few containers. The rest of the money will be used for rent and getting fruits.

Movie Shop.

A movie shop is an investment that does not require you to invest a large amount of capital. Even with the increase of streaming services the movie business is still booming as people want fresh content which Netflix or Showmax will not have.

Major fees would be in covering rent for the space leased out, good internet connection, a computer, TV screen and seats to set up a lounging area for your clients. As mentioned earlier this would be a great opportunity to employ a youth when you take into consideration the demographic of clientele that you would most likely find and be dealing with in such a setting. A movie shop is also a great investment plan since the product is always in high demand.

You will need a good internet connection to use in downloading movies and series plus knowledge of where to get the best cracked movies. Pirate Bay will be a good start.


A salon and/or barbershop is one of the easiest businesses youth can set up in their neighborhoods. All you need is capital for rent and buying necessary equipment such as blow dryers, hair products and tools, barber’s chair, and cleaning products among others. Here are some of the salon pricelist that will help you as a beginner:  Salon sink at Sh12,000, Salon drier Sh14,500, Waiting benches at Sh5000, Salon trolley Sh6,500, Blow Drier Sh5,000.

Of course you will also need to be a talented hair dresser if you cannot hire someone

Mobile Agent Shop.

Mobile Money Agent shops provide services that are on-demand on a daily basis. Mobile banking and mobile money transactions have been popularized over the years that starting up a mobile agent shop is almost full proof. Considering factors like a setup venue where the demand is high, a mobile agent shop would bring in good extra money.

Nail Parlor.

You can start up a nail parlor with Sh50, 000. Buying good quality nail polish, a fully stocked pedicure set, good quality gel, a UV gel drier, seats for your clients, and other items that you may require can be affordable with a start-up capital of Sh50, 000.

Popcorn Machine Stand.

Setting up a popcorn machine is also an ideal business idea with Sh50, 000 for capital. A factor that helps this type of business to thrive is choosing an ideal location for its set-up. For example, close to schools, outside supermarkets or malls, around market areas, and others. A popcorn machine costs Sh6,000 on Jiji.

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