Carol Katrue: My son is Miracle Baby’s first child

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Mugithi star Carol Katrue has refuted claims that she is her boyfriend Peter Miracle Baby’s fifth baby mama.

The couple last week welcomed a bundle of joy. The position of the child on Miracle Baby’s lineage has however been a huge debate especially since the gengetone star had previously said he has four other children.

In an interview with Eve Mungai Carol Katrue has said that the rumors about Peter having four baby mamas were not true and that she is not aware of any of them.

According to Carol, if Miracle Baby had other baby mamas, they would have come out or wanted to be introduced to his fans over time.

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She went on to say that the only lady who came out to accuse the singer years ago was just clout-chasing. The lady had accused him of being a deadbeat.

Miracle Baby has however said in a past interview said that he has no intention of settling with any of them.

“I have 4 kids from different mothers. One was left at my doorstep in a basin so I had to adopt him. However, we look alike and I suspect that he is mine,” he told Willie M Tuva last year.

“I can’t settle with one woman because I want 17 children and no woman will agree to give birth to 17 children so they exchange. The baby mamas know each other and are on good terms.”

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