“I am not pregnant,” says Huddah Monroe, “Ni tumbo kubwa

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Socialite Huddah Monroe has now denied being pregnant, just days after declaring that she was expecting. 

The socialite who has been keeping a low profile for the last two years leaving the scene to Verah Sidika and Amber Ray recently caught the attention of Kenyans after announcing that she was pregnant.

Her peer Verah just this week gave birth to her second child. Amber is also expecting her second child.

This is perhaps why Huddah said two days ago that she was three months pregnant.

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But after the gossip spread too far around, the Huddah Cosmetics founder has now backtracked saying, “I am not pregnant ya’ll! My belly just getting bigger lol! I’m on my grown woman phase…Chill…”

She added that there is no man “strong enough yet to catch my ovary”.

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