“I have tried killing myself twice,” claims Xtian Dela

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Social media influencer Xtian Dela now says he has previously attempted to take his own life twice.

The new claims come just days after the influencer’s mother aired their dirty linen in public with claims that Dela hasn’t spoken to her in four years.

“Arthur Mandela Nyongesa was born in 1990. Beginning 2019, he began disappearing for periods of time. When I told him to come home and visit us, he didn’t come often and would say ‘mum I’m very busy’ and I said its okay,” said Bishop Naomi Nyongesa.

“From there, he went silent and that is how I’ve never heard from him again. He cut me off, he blocked me and I saw it fit to go and appeal where Arthur can easily be found. Let him know that his mother wants him back,” she said.

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The claims stirred a social media furore, with Dela’s name in the whirlwind of acerbic comments.  

 “I have tried to kill myself two times. 16 years on Social Media, I never thought it would consume my Mental Health,” Xtian has said on Twitter.

“It’s always ‘fun’ until someone like Xtian Dela actually kills themselves!” he added.

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