Jimal Rohosafi and Michelle Wangari welcome their first baby

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Businessman Jimal Rohosafi and his workmate turned bedmate Michelle Wangari have received a new bundle of joy.

Jimal made an announcement about the arrival of their child on his Instagram page accompanied with photographs showing him and Wangari leaving what appears to be a hospital.

“I have many flaws to be perfect but I have too many blessings to be ungrateful,” said Jimal.

Jimal and Wangari

The announcement of Jimal’s new born baby with Wangari did not come without drama either. Jimal’s ex-wife Amira who is still bitter from being dumped had just gone live on her Instagram page to respond to Jimal’s interview with Eve Mungai.

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She was however forced to cut it short just after going live at about 9:00 am after Jimal announced the arrival of his new child with Wangari.

Rumours of Jimal and Wangari dating have been rife since 2022, but they did not publicly confirm they were an item until Valentines day last month.

Michelle Wangari

However, Jimal raised eyebrows in July 2022 during Wangari’s birthday celebration, where he posted a video of the two of them enjoying a drink as they waited for their meal to be served.

“Happiest birthday to my best friend, continue being the amazing person you are,” he captioned the post.

Jimal’s love life has not been a smooth sail with two of his past relationships all ending in tears. Before Wangari, Jimal had Amber Ray and Amira with whom he has three children.

Jimal and Amber Ray during their happier times

After Jimal, Amber Ray moved on to Kennedy Rapudo. They too are expecting a child together. As for Amira, it appears that she did not receive the news that Jimal and Wangari were expecting a child together very well.

Jimal and Amira when they were still together

On February 5, Amira took to her Instagram and accused Jamal of physically abusing her while she was pregnant with their third child, resulting in a miscarriage.

Jimal responded through an interview with Eve Mungai saying that Amira was bitter as she had been thrown out of her ex husband’s house.

Jimal responds to Amira. Courtesy of Eve Mungai

“I stopped giving her upkeep money after three months of our divorce elapsed. The kids are okay,” said Jimal.

“I chased her from the house I had bought for her. In Islamic culture, we are supposed to provide for a woman for three months after that, we are free and that is the case with me,” Jimal said.

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