Rapper Boutross Munene’s nudes leaked by a Mombasa prostitute after failing to pay Sh6,000

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A screen grab of Boutross Munene's nude photo released by Edgar Obare.

Rapper Boutross Munene has been exposed by a Mombasa-based prostitute who claims that he failed to pay him the amount of money they had agreed on and then ghosted her.

The incident took place in June 2021, when Boutross was in Mombasa to shoot a video for his song ‘If it’s on’ which features fellow rapper Silverstone Barrs.

“They came to Mombasa to shoot a video with a girl called Silver. The guy alini like so we f*cked baadae saa ya payment wakaleta story mob wakanipea 4k so niliskia vibaya,” says the lady known as Abigail Abby in screenshots released by blogger Edgar Obare.

“Alinipea wrong number alafu wakasema wanakuja the next day kushoot video na hivyo ndio walipotea. I just took the pictures in case wasiponilipa,” said the woman.

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According to the prostitute, the ‘Angela’ rapper had sex with her at Kilua Apartments in Shanzu. She was supposed to be paid Sh6,000 but the rapper only paid her Sh4,000

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