“Take your tweet to a bank and claim money,” Andrew Kibe tells Diana Marua for calling him broke

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Controversial YouTuber Andrer Kibe has told off Diana Marua for claiming that he is broke, bitter and cannot make money if he does not mention Diana’s name.

Diana who herself has made a name by showing off a fake lifestyle and clinging on her husband Bahati’s name had told Kibe that he is a poor man living in the United States.

“Andrew Kibe, why do you like to insult me? The way you are poor. Just discovered that without mentioning Diana B! This man will have no career! Issorait,” Diana said in a post.

Now today, Kibe has responded saying that he does not care.

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Kibe continued that he doesn’t care about anything nowadays and that what Diana’s allegations don’t affect him.

“Have you ever seen a mentally ill person? The person is usually not stressed because he/she doesn’t have bills to and doesn’t care about combing the hair or any other thing. So you want me to start caring about things? I have reduced my care to zero,” Kibe explained.

“I have reduced my life to me and playing pool. That’s all I do. Sleep, eat, and drink. Is it usually necessary to tell people if someone is broke or not? What should we do? Take your tweet to the bank and claim your money,” said Kibe.

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