“Which miscarriage?” Jimal Roho Safi says his ex-wife Amira is a bitter lier

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Jamal Rohosafi and ex-wife Amira

Serial dater Jimal Roho Safi Jimal has, poured cold water on allegations by his ex wife Amira that she had a miscarriage because he used to beat her when she was pregnant.

The matatu boss has also wondered why Amira is talking about this now and not when it happened.

“Amira is a pure liar and if she was pregnant, she would have told the whole world that she was pregnant,” he said.

He added that his former wife had a health condition which necessitated her to undergo a weight-loss journey, and one that made them agree they wouldn’t have another baby.

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“She is just bitter because I am no longer giving her upkeep money like before,” he claimed.

Amira and Jimal had a bitter break up in 2020 after the Matatu boss started dating socialite Amber Ray.

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