Why John Michuki’s daughter has quit plum government job at AFC

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Former Late Minister John Michuki’s daughter Wanja Michuki has quit her role as the board member of the Agricultural Finance Corporation.

In a letter dated March 2 and addressed to Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi, Wanja stated:

“I write to inform you that I have chosen to resign from the board of directors of AFC for personal reasons, effective immediately. It was an honour to serve on the Board of directors of the corporation. Thank you for the opportunity and I wish the ministry and the corporation all the best.”

While explaining her resignation in a social media post, Waja noted that most state agencies are overlooked.

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“In a society so enamoured by the illusion of positions and status, I find that our most overlooked agencies are choice and commitment. In my experience, Self-mastery comes through the process of self-trust and self-empowerment through choice and commitment to your ideals and values. This process can take decades,” she stated.

“Self is your higher self, your conscious union with the Creator of All That Is. Self is life-affirming and virtuous. There is nothing more fulfilling than choosing and aligning with yourself. The lifelong follow-through is in your commitment to Self. This is expressed through unconditional love for yourself. It cuts through illusions of status and power. It brings you back to ‘little old me’- your truest and most powerful friend- your inner child.”

She added that she gave the best for the role for the time she worked as a board member and expressed commitment to serving humanity.

“I am so glad that I have done the work and continue to…My commitment to our humanity will always be,” she said.

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