Bahati and Diana surprise their five employees with cash and a holiday for Christmas

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Musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have surprised their five employees with cash bonuses on top of their December salary before offering to take them on holiday with them to the surprise of many Kenyans who have allowed their house helps to travel home for Christmas.

In a video shared on Diana’s YouTube channel, the celebrity couple gave their employees presents as they also showered their children with gifts.

Diana thanked her employees for taking care of the family, and their home and driving them around without any problems for the whole year.

“Nataka kusema asante. Nataka mjue nawaappreciate sana. Nawapenda sana na nawashukuru sana. Even for the sacrifices that you’ve made. Si rahisi, but mumemake sure mumetushughulikia kitumbo, nyumba mnatengeneza, na tukona bonus yenu hapa,” said Diana.

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She then proceeded to give each employee a white envelope containing money as their bonuses.

Bahati who was watching then announced he was taking the whole family on vacation including their house helps.

“I am taking you on a holiday. Because aunty Irene alisema hajawahi panda ndege, nyinyi wote mtaenda na ndege,” he said.

The celebrity couple recently announced the birth of their third child.

Bahati posted a photo of himself holding the infant tightly close to his chest and captioned, “Malaika Nyambura Bahati born November 1st 2022, glory to Jesus!!! @malaika_bahati.”

Before announcing her daughter’s arrival, Diana took to social media to acknowledge that her pregnancy journey was not smooth, saying it had been the toughest.

“My last preparations ahead of getting baby were nothing but precious, heartwarming and emotional at the same time. Honestly, this has been my toughest pregnancy journey but to see it come to an end through God’s grace, is something I’ll forever be thankful for,” she wrote.

As she neared her due date, Diana disclosed that she had been having challenges with her pelvic bones, making it difficult for her to walk around or create content for her YouTube channel.

“It’s been a month since me not creating content. Naona watu social media saying ati I am lying, nishazaa. We are still pregnant. Guys, I am in so much pain. Reason being as the baby grows, I get to have a few complications coz my pelvic muscles ziko close to each other. Walking has also been difficult because of pelvis friction. They have been saying ati I gave birth a long time ago, na bado tuko hapa,” she said.

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