Dennis Itumbi drops ‘Bogonko is dead’ bombshell on live TV

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Dennis Itumbi, one of President William Ruto’s aides has for the first time confirmed that blogger Bogonko Bosire who went missing in 2013 was killed.

Bogonko, considered a genius journalist in Kenya has been missing for close to 10 years with several conspiracy theories being coined to explain his disappearance.

One of the biggest of these theories has been that Itumbi, a man considered to have been his closest friend before he disappeared has always known what happened to him.

This is because the two were both part of the TNA campaign machinery for retired president Uhuru Kenyatta.

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Bosire was one of the elite journalists turned bloggers in the wake of 2013 general elections, and was used to a greater extent by the Jubilee administration to spread propaganda against the opposition.

“Bogonko and I were very close. One time he was kicked out of a job and I got him a role in Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign,” said Itumbi last night during an interview with Citizen TV confirming how close they were.

However after the election, Itumbi continued working for the state as Bosire started a fiery fiery blog that hit those in power hard.

Jackal News as it was known had the nerves of steel to pursue stories that mainstream media shied away from, such as the coercion and murder of ICC witnesses in the cases against Uhuru and Ruto.

The blog also told sleazy stories about who was sleeping with who through a delivery was a blend of confrontation, and libel intermingled with dark, sarcastic humour.

For the last nine years, no one has ever said where Bogonko Bosire went to leaving his family and the whole country confused.

Yesterday night however, Itumbi who has always maintained he does not know what happened to his friend shocked everyone by saying he died.

“Most of the people who speak about Bogonko Bosire were not concerned about him when he was alive,” said Itumbi.

“Due to his lengthy disappearance the assumption is that he is dead,” said.

Interestingly Itumbi has always maintained for the last 10 years that Bogonko Bosire was alive. He has been asked this question at every interview but his response has always been he does not know where his friend went to and that he hopes he will one day show up alive.

Here is the interview he did with Citizen News

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