KILIFI: Dj murdered for refusing to play a song on Christmas Day

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The family of Salim Moriasi alias DJ Goodie has demanded for investigations on how theor kin died after it emerged that he was killed for declining to play a song at a club in Kilifi.

The DJ who works for Club Lux in Mariakani, Kilifi was rushed to Mariakani hospita on Christmas day with injuries which his employer claimed were caused by falling down a stair case.

A postmortem conducted today at Mariakani Hospital Mortuary has however showm that the DJ died to to multiple injuries which were most likely caused by a beating.

“The postmortem report has confirmed the murder of the deceased. We are up to the task to ensure we bring all the culprits on board for legal action,” Kalolemi Sub County Police Commander Alexander Makau has told the Daily Nation.

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According to the DJ’s family, the management of the club knows what transpired but has intentionally decided to tell them the truth.

“ We need justice for the late Moriasi. The killers attacked and killed our brother and then carried him outside the club to portray that he fell and died, which was not the case. We spent a whole day without knowing that our brother was in the mortuary until 8pm,” Ezina Moraa who is a neighbour to the late DJ has said.

“The murder was grievous, and the same club claims its long-time worker was an unknown Kenyan male. Our son was brutally murdered in cold blood by known people, and clips are circulating all over, and so far, nobody is in custody,” John Abuga who is the family spokesman told the Daily Nation.

Police have collected CCTV footage from the club and are currently analysing it as investigations gather pace.

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