Sassy Azimio blogger laments over ‘I miss you’ inbox messages

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Popular Azimio blogger and digital communication expert Pauline Njoroge is a tired woman.
Ms Njoroge, who was vocal in her support for Azimio candidate Raila Odinga in the last election, posted on her Facebook page wondering how some men could miss a person they have never met.
“Let’s conclude this discussion by highlighting the most notorious in the group. Their inbox messages read…. ‘Babe I miss you’,” she posted.
She said the habit should remain in 2022.
“How now? How can you miss someone who you barely know, have never met and have never interacted with in any form or manner? And at which point did that stranger become babe? Men yawah!”
Her female followers responded, some giving their experiences.
One said: “There is one who sent me this. Then proceeded “i want you to come visit me in the UK” I said fine. Send me returm ticket and hotel booking.
He responded “you will live in my house then asked “where are you”
Did I say he is Bishop’s son
A husband and father to many.
I have forgotten his name ningeweka screenshots zake hapa.”
Another said: “And they’ll bring their Beb nonsense mpaka kwa comments yet hamjuani you’ve not even had deep convo with them.”
A male fan also weighed in: “Are you the only visitor in Jerusalem? You don’t know that I miss you is a soft language for I wanna get you laid?”
To this, Ms Njoroge retorted: “SMH. So I was right when I said there is no love in those inboxes, just lust.”

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