Why Sudi was kicked out of Ruto’s inner circle immediately after the elections

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Kapseret Mp Oscar Sudi

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi who has fallen out of favour with President William Ruto has explained his loud absence from the public. The outgoing Mp who has for years been at the side of the president and was his most erstwhile defender has been missing in action for months.

At a goat auction function in Baringo county, the MP said there is nothing else left to fight for and that he has taken a sabbatical leave from politics until February 2023.

“Although I had said I will take a brief retirement until February but some hustlers have been asking why I have gone silent. But what do you want me to do? Because of all the work we did, is this man (Ruto) here, not the president? May God bless you sana,” he said in his brief speech at the annual Kimalel goat auction on Thursday.

The last time the Kapseret Mp was seen in public was in September when he arrived at a Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group meeting staged in Naivasha in a Kenya Airforce chopper together with the president.  The chopper is normally used by  the President, Deputy President senior security officers including Cabinet Secretary for the interior and defence.

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Sudi was also part of a delegation that accompanied Ruto on his maiden visit to Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania in his capacity as President for the first time. Since then, Sudi who was part of President Ruto’s inner circle has been conspicuously missing at events attended by the president.

He is also no longer welcome at State House after word leaked that he was using the President’s name for personal gain, something that irked the head of state.

Kileleshwa Member of County Assembly (MCA) Robert Alai even hinted at this some time back when he tagged Sudi on a post on social media with a newspaper article about an unnamed Rift Valley politician who allegedly conned election losers of their money.

The article, which the MCA attached to his tweet, reported that the said politician obtained millions of shillings from politicians who were angling for key government appointments.

The man used his proximity to a top Kenya Kwanza politico to deceive his victims that he could influence their appointments to plum government positions,” the article read in part.

However, an enraged Sudi termed Alai’s claims as an attempt to blackmail him.

“So what? Kindly report the matter to any nearest police station. You think I am that cheap? I cannot succumb to your petty blackmails like those whom you’ve threatened to a level they’ve put you on payroll. You cannot extort me my friend. Never,” Sudi tweeted.

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