Chiloba was a church leader and not gay; family says

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murdered LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba and photographer Jacktone Odhiambo who is accused of killing him

The family of murdered LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba has come out to defend him saying he was not gay and was infact a staunch Christian.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Gladys Chiri who is Chiloba’s relative claimed that it is his enemies who were behind the LGBTQ narrative being propagated by media houses.

According to her, Edwin was a church leader who was also involved in religious activities during his secondary education. 

“I want to tell those on social media that if you are enemies of my brother and you’re trying to tarnish his name, God will repay you. My brother was brought up in a Christian background.

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“He was a church leader at Sergoit Primary School and also the YCS leader at St. Francis Kimuron Boys’ High School. He was coined the nickname “pastor”. 

“He came to Nairobi for university studies. So all these things we are hearing on social media, we have never suspected. My case is his enemies are trying to spoil his name,” she noted. 

A post mortem to ascertain the cause of Chiloba’s death will take place on Wednesday.

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