Gardener kills Leadership Institute founder Gershon Mwiti over pay dispute

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Police are looking for a gardener suspected to have killed the founder of the Leadership Institute of Kenya (LIKA) Gershon Kimeu Mwiti in Nairobi.

Dr Mwiti’s body was discovered in his garden moments after the gardener informed the LIKA founder’s wife that the two had disagreed over his pay on Saturday, January 14 afternoon.

Police said the lifeless body was discovered in a pool of blood in his garden in the Thigiri Ridge area, Nairobi with a deep cut on the back of his head.

The deceased was with the gardener while his wife Gladys Mwiti was busy in their kitchen preparing lunch.

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Prior to his death, Dr Mwiti was a consultant with the Transition Authority on transformative leadership in the newly created Counties of Kenya.

According to his wife, she tried to call her husband to inform him lunch was ready but there was no response on his mobile phone.

Moments later, the gardener called Dr Mwiti’s wife pleading with her to talk with her husband since they were not agreeing on something that he did not disclose.

About 20 minutes later and after several calls to her husband without response, she decided to walk to the garden to find out what the problem was.

She found the lifeless body of her husband on the ground with blood oozing from the back of his head.

By this time, the gardener identified as Bernard Komu was nowhere to be seen and his mobile phone had been switched off.


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