“I am not OK,” heartbroken Kevin Mboya says after trip to surprise his girl in Kwale

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Digital marketer Kevin Mboya who has for the whole week kept Kenyans on edge on how his trip to surprise his girlfriend in Kwale on her birthday ended up has confirmed that confirmed that it ended in premium tears.

Mboya had on Tuesday tweeted that he had embarked on a 500-kilometre nine-hour journey from Nairobi to Kwale to surprise his girlfriend whom he cared for to the bone. The lucky woman who was celebrating her birthday did not know that Mboya was on his way to Kwale, and neither was she in touch with him.

He nevertheless took to Twitter on Tuesday to expose his love credentials and alert Kenyans of his competence.

“I have travelled all the way from Nairobi to Kwale to come and surprise my girlfriend on her birthday. I haven’t texted or called her in the last 24 hours. She might be thinking that I forgot it’s her birthday [today]. I am waiting for her just outside her office to surprise her. I hope it goes well,” he said on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, attaching pictures of a bouquet of red roses.

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That was the last time Mboya, a regular Twitter user, posted on the platform leaving his social media in-laws yearning to know what transpired in the hours after the now-famous tweet that has even captured the attention of the country.

Well today he has broken his silence and the results are not as rosy.

“I arrived well from Kwale, so four days ago I went there to see her. I went with flowers but I came back with them because it passes a message. Right now I’m not emotionally okay in terms of revealing to you all exactly what happened although physically I look like I’m okay emotionally. I cannot say that I’m in a good state of mind to share with everyone who is concerned about me of what happened,” said Mboya on his YouTube page.

Mboya said he went to Kwale with a heart full of love but returned with a broken heart. He however promised to share more details about what happened.

“I went to Kwale with love but I’ve come back with room for more love. Thank you for your concern…more about what happened in Kwale, I’ll share it soon.”

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