My memories with Catherine Kasavuli; long time co-anchoring partner Michael Njenga

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Catherine Kasavuli with Michael Njenga co anchoring news


Good evening I’m Catherine Kasavuli……. for all the years I anchored with Kasav (as we fondly called her) that intro always had a nostalgic feeling on me I kept remembering watching her years back as she anchored news on KTN. She always used to laugh when I told her ”I can’t believe I’m anchoring news on the same desk with you”
Kasav always had a big smile warm hearted and had stories from here to Nineveh, we’d finish the bulletin and drive right across our office to Alfajiri sit in the car and chapa stories till late (people kept asking nyinyi huongea stories gani)
I remember when our MD Mr Wachira waruru called me in the office and said Mike we have a new team coming and I’m thinking if pairing you with one of them but keep it under wraps I’ll tel you who it is when we officially introduce them to the rest of the team, I was excited but the day I was told it’s Catherine Kasavuli I quickly had an urge to visit the urinals…… my mind was racing like we say in kikuyu (Mūtwe wakwa wathiaga ta thaa) I kept wondering Ngai will I be able to match her standards. I went quite for several days and I think she noticed and one Thursday afternoon she called me (of course I didn’t have her number I mean it’s Kasavuli we’re taking about) to date I could hear her smile on the other end we had a conversation and she asked if we could do lunch…… we did the following day at Palacina and the rest mtasoma kwa my memoirs.
For those who don’t know Cathrine was a very prayerful woman she involved God in all things some that I thought didn’t need to be prayed for like this one time we were going to Mombasa as a team for strategy after the bulletin during our usual after news charts she stayed “Njenga I feel like we need to pray for this trip” in my Mind I’m thinking (Mama Martin why pray for a trip that I’m looking forward to go strategize and later in the afternoon kamata a whole Debe of those cocktails I hear called sex on the beach??🤔🤔) anywho we held hands and we prayed…… after the trip I knew exactly why she felt in her spirit we needed to pray.
She introduced fasting days where we’d pray for our families and our careers.
Well I’d be lying if I told you that she never got angry she had her moments especially with anyone who thought they can mess with her family (she adored her son Martin and was very proud of him I knew Martin before I ever saw him she’d talk about him in all our conversations)
She also would cut you to size if you felt that coz you’re on screen you’re now anchor almighty ( saw it happen mostly with female anchors a lot)
I have so many things I want to write about Kasav but this’s not the forum. All I can say is thanks mama for holding my hand and walking with me thanks for all the times you corrected me like a big sister would do.
Lay down mamaa lay down and take your rest, the pain is over, you have fought a good fight you have left a great mark in our lives
May you rest with the angels Catherine Kasavuli 

Adopted from Michael Njenga’s Facebook page

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