David Moya patents his dance, threatens to sue those copying it without permission

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TikTok star Moya David has said he will take legal action against anyone copying and stealing his dance moves without permission. While speaking With SPM Buzz, Moya who is the most followed Kenyan on Tiktok demanded to be credited by those copying his moves.

“I have decided to patent my dance because it is something I came up with originally and it’s my creativity. It pains to see people using it in the wrong way and also people copying the dance without giving it the credit it deserves.”

Moya is popularly known for ambushing people with dances before handing them gifts, especially during their birthdays. He surprises people with a choreographed dance to the famous song Mi Amor.

The Tik Tok star rose to fame in 2020 when his Valentine’s Day dance videos went viral. Since then, he has been paid by thousands of Kenyans to dance for their loved ones.

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