Has Amber Ray dumped Kennedy Rapudo? Big hint

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Socialite Amber Ray and her fiancee Kennedy Rapudo have unfollowed each other on social media sparking rumours that their relationship could have hit turbulence.

Amber Ray has also deleted all their photos together on her Instagram page just like she did when Jimal Mohammed dumped her two years ago.

And since deleting photos and unfollowing each other has become the biggest hint by celebrities whenever their relationships go south, it is highly likely that Amber Ray and Rapudo have called it quits.

Among the photos that have gone missing from Amber Ray’s Instagram page is the announcement that Rapudo and her were getting a baby.

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On January 4, the couple shared a photo on Instagram showing Rapudo standing behind Amber in the kitchen while holding a pregnancy kit test.

“Oh boy,” Amber Ray captioned the photo.

The couple, who both have children from previous relationships, got engaged in November 2022 and have since been showcasing the couple goals on Instagram.

In a video shared by Amber Ray on Instagram, the proposal took place at a beachfront and had a simple yet elegant presentation.

There was a red carpet and lit lamps and candles on the sides leading to an intimate set up where Rapudo could be seen going down on one knee and talking to her fiancée, seemingly asking her to be his wife.

Dazzled in a red dress, Amber Ray looked surprised by Rapudo’s gesture before agreeing to marry the businessman.

The couple went public about their relationship in June 2022 after sharing photos on social media while on vacation.

However, after two months of dating, they broke up due to what they termed as ‘irreconcilable differences’.

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