Murdered police boss had just dropped his two girls in school

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Rumuruti Police Station Deputy Officer Commanding Police Station Prosper Wandera was stabbed to death by a chang'aa brewer in Laikipia West.

The police boss who was stabbed to death in a chan’gaa den was a loving father of two daughters, it has now emerged. Prosper Wandera who was the Deputy OCS at Rumuruti Police Station was stabbed to death while leading a raid at a chan’gaa den at Maundu Ni Meri shopping centre yesterday evening.

A look at his social media profile however shows a caring father who just last week dropped his two daughters who were joining form one at St Cecilia Nangina High School in Funyula.

“That marks my beginning with the third lot, ready to cut weight for your sake daughters but make me proud by excelling….may the Lord bless u and stay focused,” said the OCS.

Murdered OCS Proper Wandera and her daughters Angel and Claire who joined form one last week. Photo| Prosper’s Facebook Page

In a statement by the police filed at Rumuruti Police Station, the police boss was on a lone mission and had booked a motorcycle to ferry him to the scene where he was killed.

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“It was reported by Moses Lojore Loingoni who is a bodaboda operator within Rumuruti township that one police officer who he had ferried to Maundu Ni Meri shopping, had been stabbed with a knife to death,” the report read in part.

Lojore said that he witnessed as the officer was being attacked by the suspect who fled the scene leaving behind 20 liters of chan’gaa. It remains unclear why the officer decided to go on the mission alone.

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