NIMECHOKAA! Mr Seed’s baby Mama leaks their private chats, calls him a deadbeat

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Gospel artist Mr Seed has been called out by his baby mama on allegations of being a deadbeat dad. Elizabeth Sonia Michael who acts in the telenovela Kovu has gone on a long angry tirade this time with receipts to back up her claims.

The angry mother of two has called out the gospel artist for allegedly neglecting their 7-year-old son while taking care of his other child with Nimo.

” So you said I was clout chasing? Am I an artist so that people can go listen to my songs? Or is there a movie that I am releasing? I’m not clout-chasing! I did it genuinely because I am genuinely tired.

I will never use my kids for selfish interests. Mimi nimekuanika kwa sababu nimechoka ila mahali umefika to talk about Junior that is it! Added the mother of two before going on to release receipts.

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Sonia released screenshots of their WhatsApp conversations where she could be seen begging with the artist to put their son’s well-being as a priority. 

Liz Sonia claimed that Mr seed has been ignoring her long texts and she decided to change the move and expose him to the public.

For seven years, she claimed the musician has not been taking care of his son and even when he sends money, he asks for it back the following day.

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