Revealed: Mother and daughter who died in Finland sold samosas to survive

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The Kenyan woman who died with her daughter inside their food kiosk in Finland relocated to the country in 2008 after the death of her husband in Kenya, it has been established.

Catherine Anyango went to Finland hoping to get a teaching job but was unlucky. She then enrolled for a catering course which enabled her to get employment at a restaurant.

By then she had left her daughter Mitchelle Anyango and a son under the care of her mother Roselyn Aketch in Chiga, Kisumu East Sub-county. Most of her earnings went to supporting the education of her two children who later joined her in Finland.

While in Finland Catherine got married to a Finish man and gave birth to three other children while in Finland with the youngest now being five years old. The marriage failed to work and the children were taken by the government as Catherine was ill and could not take care of them.

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“My daughter had separated from the father of her three children. Anyango, however, continued to support the children and had even attempted to move them from the children’s home but she was never allowed to,” Catherine’s mother has said.

Without a job and with her three children taken away, Catherine and Mitchelle decided to start their catering business Africana Samosa which specialised indigenous meals.

The two would move from town to town during events using their mobile kiosk in order to sell food to attendants. Part of the proceeds from the business was used to pay Catherine’s fees at a nursing school. She was expecting to graduate this year.

Everything seemed to have been going well for them until they went missing on February 8. They were last seen at Lisalmi, 400km north of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.

On Tuesday, The Finland Police Department announced that the bodies of the two women were found on inside their food kiosk at Tahko five days after they disappeared.

“One of the women was in her forties and the other twenty years younger. The younger of the women is an entrepreneur who owned a food cart company,” said the police.

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