NHIF employee was not assassinated, police conclude

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Detectives at the Nairobi Central Police station who are investigating the tragic shooting of NHIF staffer Mary Waithera have ruled out the possibility that she was assassinated.

This conclusion was reached yesterday after investigators analysed recorded statements of Waithera’s colleague Damaris Achieng and CCTV footage which captured the moment that Waithera was shot.

According to a statement recorded by Achieng at the Central Police Station on Wednesday evening, Waithera who was walking with her friend along Kaunda street suddenly held her chest in pain.

“Nimeumia (I’ve been hurt),” she said shortly before falling to the ground.

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CCTV footage that captured the deceased’s last moments shows her slowly bending over moments after the bullet hit her body. On one hand, she held onto her handbag while trying to support herself.

Initially, Achieng did not realise that her friend had been shot and thought that she had suffered a heart attack. On the CCTV footage she is seen pulling Waithera to the pavement as she makes calls to find transport to rush her to the hospital.

Police are yet to confirm the type of fire arm that shot the bullet that killed Waithera. They have also not established the direction the bullet was fired from.

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