Ruto outlaws use of guns while herding

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President William Ruto has said anyone found using a gun to herd animals in the North Rift will arrested on sight.

The president’s new directive comes amidst a fire arms mop up exercise and a security operation that are ongoing in that part of the country.

“No one will be allowed to walk around with a gun while herding. Let everyone use a stick, guns are for the police,” said Ruto.

The president has further said that the government has set aside Sh20 billion to deal with insecurity and reiterated his push to have all unlicensed guns in the hands of citizens surrendered to the police.

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The use of firearms by herders among pastoral communities has been a common practice especially because this is the only way herders can protect themselves and their animals when they come under attack from banditry or wild animals.

In many instances, however, these same guns have been used to terrorize others when stealing livestock among communities.

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