“I don’t need to be loved,” Amber Ray tells Rapudo

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Serial dater Amber Ray has given the biggest hint yet that she has broken up with her bae Rapudo.

The soon-to-be mother of two has said that many people stick in abusive marriages and relationships because of fear but she would not be intimidated. 

“How do you let go when there are so many people to let down? You just do it because it is what needs to be done! I’m now a mother of two lucky children who will grow up knowing what it means to be free! Free from shackles imposed by society, one should remain unhappy in marriage because of the fear of what society will say,” she has stated.

Amber has also revealed that she loves to be loved, but that would not tie her to the wrong person. Rapudo and Amber have been having problems and are even rumored to have broken up. They stopped following each other on Instagram last week.

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“How would you recognize love from others when you haven’t given it to yourself first? How can two be one if you are not aware of yourself first? I know who I am! I’m ok with what I am and when I love, I love fully and I love in wholesomeness. I can do this because I love myself and this comes with a big responsibility, one to guard my heart with all my being because it is the wellspring of my life. I love to be loved, but I don’t need to be loved. To love me is a privilege and loving me is having me not owning,” said Amber.

Rapudo proposed to Amber Ray last year after dating for a few weeks. Although a good section of her fans was happy for her, others were concerned that the relationship would not last and that she would end up being dumped, given her track record with men.

Amber Ray and Rapudo had previously broke up once – seven weeks into dating – only to reconcile later and get engaged.

The couple celebrated their engagement by going on a romantic vacation in Lamu, with Amber Ray revealing that it was her first time on the world-renowned tourist town.

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