Landlady sent from heaven throws party for tenants and waives their January rent

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A Kenyan landlady has surprised netizens by throwing an end-year party for her tenants and waiving their January rent because she knows they will be pressured by other things like school fees.

In a video shared on Facebook by Brice Newton, the landlady thanked her tenants for having a good relationship with her throughout the year and that it is time they knew each other.

“We have lived together for many years, always pass each other on the stairs and yet we don’t know each other,” she said

According to her, the they always pass each other on the corridors without bothering to introduce themselves.

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“I am very thankful because without you people we wouldn’t be here. There are no landlords without tenants. Having houses with no one to rent them is all in vain,” she said

“We passed through the very difficult season of Corona, went up then came down and God helped us go through all that,” she added

She told her tenants that it is time she appreciated them and therefore they will not pay rent in January.

“We have a very good relationship and it was time to appreciate you. Mimi sipelekangi pesa kanisa, nyinyi ndio kanisa yangu.

“As you eat here, don’t worry about January, nimewaachia rent. I know you have school fees and some of us have other things waiting for us,” she declared.

Here generosity has surprised many who have now asked their landlords to do the same.

“Hope my landlord is watching this,” said Wendy Grace

“Hata nguvu ya kuhama utokee huko unatoa wapi?? How can I forward this to my landlord?” said Waithira Tata Wa Nairofi.

“It the best thing av heard as we close the year God bless her. We need a hundred like her,” said Wairimu Wa Mwangi

“Waaaaoh, may the LORD who sees in Secret visit this woman and her family in a mighty way,” said Baba Vicky

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