Single Karen Nyamu tells Kenyans to get used of female politicians whose husbands are in the limelight

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Nairobi Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has appealed to the public to get used to spouses of female politicians in the public arena.

Speaking during a special seating on the Impeachment of Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza, Ms Nyamu warned against victimizing spouses of women leaders.

Ms Nyamu’s sentiments was a response to allegations of nepotism and illegal hiring of Meru’s First Gentleman Baichu Murega which formed part of the impeachment charges against Governor Mwangaza.

Ms Nyamu also hinted possibility of Nairobi having popular mugithi star Samido as the First Gentlemen.

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“The issue of First Gentlemen is going to be a normal occurence in this country going forward, because alot of us have ambitions to be governors” she said.

Ms Nyamu and baby daddy Samido hit the headlines last week after a video circulated online showing the two in a heated altercation during a Mugithi performance in Dubai.

In yet another video posted online, Nyamu is seen confronting Samido and wife Edday Nderitu at the same venue before being whisked away by bouncers.

The nominated senator touched briefly on this incident during her speech at Senate, to the delight of other senators who clearly might have had a glimpse a the videos shared on popular online sites.

“We have witnessed double standards when it comes to women leadership, I am a recent victim, and we have to stand firm in our space with no appologies” she said amid laughter in the House Chambers.

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