Dennis Karuri: Why I did not attend Chiloba’s funeral yet I was his friend

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Make up artist Dennis Karuri who is openly living as gay

Fans on social media have noticed that after mourning Edwin and even sharing his thoughts on social media, Dennis Karuri was not present at Chiloba’s Burial which took place yesterday at Sergoit village, Elgeyo Marakwet.

While defending himself, the makeup artist who is openly living as a homosexual has said that although he had known Edwin for a very long time, they used to talk alot but never met in person.

Dennis said he felt like the burial was a very intimate family affair and he didn’t need to give Edwin his flowers when he is dead.

” I have never seen Edwin in person so I can’t start getting involved with his burial. That is very personal and family centered.”

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The makeup artist also said he did not wan’t his celebrity status to attract alot of attention and turn the funeral into something that it was not supposed to be.

” I usually attract alot of attention because I am a Celebrity. I wouldn’t want to go there then something else happens, you know another topic.”

Dennis remembered Edwin Chiloba as an ambitious and a person who loved fashion.

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