PHOTOS: Does KRG the Don have a new girlfriend?

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KRG the Don, who is known to pulling stunts in order to make his name relevant has introduced his new ‘girlfriend’ just three months after he showed Kenyans another girl.

In a series of photos shared online, the rapper wished his new girl a happy birthday. He however refused to tell Kenyans the name of his new catch claiming ‘team mafisi’ will snatch her like they did to his ex wife Linah Wanjiru.

Linah broke up with KRG mid last year and it is claimed that she moved on with a manager to one of the gengetone bands.

“May God make each of your days as beautiful and as golden as you are. May the almighty go on to add you more years of happiness and health to your life,” KRG said on his Instagram accompanied by a series of photos of his new catch.

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“Happy birthday G Babe. Mafisi huyu hakuna kumtag kabisa,” he remarked.

In September KRG also introduced another girl . He did’t reveal the name of the girl at that time but he said she was his new love.

“My booboo, I love you so much,” he said.

The musician had a nasty breakup with his ex-wife Linah Wanjiru. He claimed that he divorced her because she got idle and started rolling with chokoras.

“There is a certain level of richness that when you reach, there are some nonsense you cease tolerating. There are certain people you no longer want to see around you,” KRG said in a past interview.

The artiste further claimed that his ex-wife’s mindset was no longer in the same wavelength with his, lamenting that she liked associating with low-lifes and friends who added no value in her life.

“She loved moving around with low-life and people who added no value to her life. People I can only liken to chokoras,” he added.

KRG further alleged that his wife lacked the motivation to run a business, despite opening several enterprises for her.

“She has had businesses but she is not business oriented. Even if you open a business for her, it fails because she lacks big dreams. She had no bills to foot, hence assumed a comfort zone.”

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