How CCTV helped police to nab head of Kitengela chicken theft gang

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A viral CCTV video clip has enabled officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to arrest three members of a chicken syndicate that conned farmers millions of shillings over the festive season.

The officers drawn from  Kiserian, Runda and Pangani police stations were successfully able to trail a vehicle that was used by the suspected criminals. 

According to DCI, the criminal gang took advantage of the demand for poultry over Christmas to make a kill by targeting poultry farmers and traders in Nairobi and its environs. 

“The head of the gang has been using a stolen identification card of a househelp who works in Ruiru, Kiambu County,” the DCI has said.

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Police first traced the cars movement to a garage along Park Road in Pangani. A mechanic at the garage informed the officers that the car was brought to the garage for re-painting from it’s original silver to white colour.

“We searched for the details of the car on NTSA’s TIMS portal and accurately identified the owner,” said the DCI.

“The car was first registered in 2015 as a privately owned saloon motor vehicle,” said the DCI.

With the vehicle’s ownership details in hand, police traced the owner of the car who eventually led the investigators to the head of the chicken theft syndicate. 

DCI officers have identified the gang leader as a woman who stole the identity of another female domestic employee in order to conceal her identity and keep investigators from knowing the truth. 

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