Its 30 years in jail for man who trafficked disabled children from Tanzania to beg in Nairobi

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A court in Nairobi has handed a 30 year sentence to a suspect who was trafficking disabled children from Tanzania to Kenya and using them to beg.

Principal Magistrate Agnes Mwangi has ordered James Zengo was ordered to pay a Sh30 million fine or in default serve the prison term for charges of economic exploitation.

The court heard that the minors were found harboured in Kariobangi North Estate and that Zengo had willfully resisted arrest.

He was charged with trafficking humans, illegal harboring and resisting arrest by police.

According to the prosecution, Zengo had rented a house where he harbored his victims who he trafficked from Tanzania after promising them that there were jobs for people living with disabilities in Nairobi.

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However, upon arrival in Nairobi, they would be put in a small room where they only spent the night before embarking on daily begging along the streets where they would be watched over the whole day.

According to the court papers, each individual is given a daily target of Sh2,000 and anyone who fails to meet it is beaten up by Zengo using crutches.

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