Lease disagreement forces radio king Alex Mwakideu to shut down two businesses

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Milele FM radio presenter and boss Alex Mwakideu

Milele FM radio presenter and boss Alex Mwakideu has shut down two of his business outlets in Kitengela, Kajiado county just two years after he launched them.

Pampered Rides and Pampered village, a car wash and restaurant located behind Ola Petrol Station along the Nairobi Namanga road have been shut down.

Sources have told us that there was a dispute between the radio presenter and the owners of the piece of land over a lease on the property that has failed to be resolved. This has forced Mwakideu to shut down his businesses on the property as he scouts for another location.


“Pampered Village and Pampered Rides Kitengela Branch are officially closed. Whatever services you will receive from the premises located behind Ola Petrol Station in Kitengela are not of Pampered Enterprises,” read the statement on social media.

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The Milele FM boss however promised that he would reopen the businesses in another location.

“We will be opening another branch near you very soon. We apologise for all inconvenience caused by this closure and we look forward to serving you again soon,” the presenter added.

Mwakideu opened the two businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic after Media Max Limited, the company he works for slashed the employees of its salaries by half.  At that time Mwakideu had another car wash by the same name at Great Wall Gardens along Mombasa road which was doing well.

In a 2021 interview, Mwakideu revealed that he had resolved to establish the business ventures when he took a 50% salary cut and did not want the lifestyle of his children to be affected.

At the time, he said the hotel would focus on serving African and Swahili cuisine.

“Hapa ni Pampered Village, yaani Uswahilini haswa, njoo upate raha ya Uswahilini, si kila siku ukija Kitengela ni nyama choma, chakula chetu ni kitamu sana, njoo uwe shahidi.

“(This is Pampered Village so expect purely Swahili cuisine, our guests will enjoy the best of Swahili foods and at least Kitengela will not be known only for nyama choma. I invite everyone to come and leave us a review, our dishes are very tasty),” he said in a past interview.

On its part, the car grooming business was opened in 2021.

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