Mother of two children who were drowned in buckets full of water is now key suspect

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Police have arrested the mother of two children who were drowned to death in buckets filled with water at Kerwa village in the Kikuyu, Kiambu county on New Year’s eve after it emerged that she may have been the one who committed the act.

This is after preliminary investigations showed that the woman had demanded for a debt from her husband threatening him with dire consequences if he did not pay just hours before the two children were discovered dead.

“She is still being grilled by detectives and she will be arraigned in court as officers seek to hold her for more days as the investigations go on,” said Kikuyu sub-county police boss Catherine Ringera.

The initial story was that the two minors were inside their house together with their mother when an alleged stranger knocked their door, police said. And when the mother responded to the knock, a man armed with a knife burst into the room.

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The man, according to the woman tied her onto a chair before turning to the children killing them. He then allegedly placed their bodies in two separate buckets full of water before escaping.

Police are now questioning why the woman did not raise an alarm and instead miraculously untied herself before walking for two kilometres to inform her husband that their children had been killed.

Interestingly, the woman’s version of events slightly differs from that of her husband which is raising a lot of questions. According to Paul Gaitho, his wife called him and said that their children had been kidnapped by unknown men.

He left his workplace accompanied by friends only to find his children had been killed and dumped in the bathroom; one tied with a shoelace, the other in a water bucket.

“Niliambiwa watoto wamekuwa hijacked. Nilitoka na marafiki zangu tukaenda hadi kwa nyumba. Nilikuta kama watoto washauwawa,” said Gaitho.

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