Mr Seed exposed for being a dead beat dad

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Mr Seed’s baby mama, Liz Sonia has pointed fingers at the singer claiming that he has abandoned their son.

Liz claimed that for the past seven years, Mr Seed has not been physically involved in his son’s life and she has been trying to be supportive.

According to Liz, she feels bad that Mr Seed does not prioritize his son and it has come to a point  she has decided that she is tired of being the sweet caring baby mama.

Liz revealed that the only upkeep she gets from Mr Seed is school fees and it’s never on time. 

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“For the last 7yrs I right such paragraphs and delete but AM TIRED… I want you to help me raise junior nt send me money like your doing me a favor and that is when I ASK or SHOUT. The only upkeep I take from you is school fees and ITS NEVERRRRRR ON TIME,” said Liz on social media.

Sharing the information on social media was not easy according to her but she feel that her son should receive all the love and support he deserves from his parents.

Mr Seed is currently married to Nimo and they have one child

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