WATCH: KTN actor almost beaten to death for stealing a motorbike and cash in Juja

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KTN child star Baken Da Sharrif who was amost beaten to death for stealing a motorbike and a mobile phone

Former child actor Baken da Sherrif who rose to fame through playing a mischievous character on the KTN TV show Junior appears to have transferred his television gimmick to real life as he was beaten senseless for stealing a motor bike and cash in Juja, Kiambu county.

Baken who was six years ago caught red handed and beaten up for stealing at Nyayo estate seems to have graduated to a full time criminal and is currently cooling up his heals at the Jogoo Road Police station.

This is as he nurses injuries inflicted on him by a mob that accosted him in Kibera’s Karanja area where he had gone to hide after stealing a motorbike and Sh124,000 on Christmas Day.

Apparently the actor had been invited by one of his friends to Juja on Christmas day to celebrate the festivities. Photos circulated online by Twitter User Gadgetsnode show the actor and two other unknown men chewing miraa and having drinks.

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“Hi, guys Kuna huyu actor wa junior “Baken”. We hosted him at our place pale Juja farm on 25th. Hiyo usiku kuamkia 26th alisanya motor bike  KMFD 295R na two phones where he withdrew 124,000 from one of the phone,” Gadgetsnode would later tweet.

The matter was reported at the Juja Police station.

The actor who has been missing for the last one week was finally apprehended in Kibera yesterday and given a thorough beating and told to confess his crimes. The motorbike was also found but he had already spent the Sh124,000 he stole probably with women.

In a viral video that is currently doing rounds online, the actor who is now 20 years old is seen and heard confessing to his apprehenders of stealing a motorbike and two smartphones from his host in Juja.

He is also heard asking his unknown apprehenders for water, to parch his throat. His face is all beat up and his lips are cracked with bloody bruises.

“Niliiba simu na nduthi,” he is heard saying

“Nisaidieni na maji nakufa,” he is heard saying.

In 2016, the actor who was then a teenager was roughed up and humiliated by security guards for taking part in an attempt to break into a house at Nyayo Estate in Nairobi.

Here is the video of his beating

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