Wheeler dealers angling to make billions on looming expiry of top mobile company’s spectrum

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Wheeler dealers have started positioning themselves to make a windfall when the spectrum of one of the major mobile telecommunication companies expires sometime this year and has to be renewed.

The company has made the issue a top secret for fear of creating panic among its subscribers as it negotiates with government officials on how to solve the looming crisis.

Spectrum refers to the invisible radio frequencies that wireless signals travel over. Those signals are what enable us to make calls from our mobile devices, browse the internet and do everything on our mobile devices as it connects them to signal towers.

Apparently, the mobile company had assumed that its spectrum which it has used for the last 20 years or so will be renewed automatically only to be told that it is public property and it will have to bid for it afresh.

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In short it means that the company will have to tender for the spectrum it has used since it started. As we all know, tendering is big business in this country, there are billions of shillings to be made and as usual faceless people have started organising themselves.

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