“Amina ni mchawi, aliniroga,” Jamal Rohosafi accuses ex-wife

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Jamal Rohosafi and ex-wife Amira

Entrepreneur cum serial dater Jamal Rohosafi has accused his ex-wife Amira of bewitching him. Amira and Jamal broke up in 2021 after her matatu boss husband eloped with socialite Amber ray in one of the nastiest breakups of the Covid-19 era.

Jamal who has since broken up with Amber Ray and is now seeing his workmate Michelle Wangari has now made a habit of throwing shade at Amira whenever he feels like it.

In his latest tirade, Jamal while speaking in an interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray, the matatu boss said Amira goes to Tanzania to bewitch him and not for vacation or business.

” I have been Amira for 15 years, Amira ni Mrogi, ata marafiki Zake waliniambia. Nilikuwa naamka kama kiongozi naongea kama mwendawazimu. Aliniroga that’s why Mimi ni mjinga.”

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Jimal also revealed that since he broke up with his ex-wife, they don’t talk unless it’s something concerning their children.

Speaking about his new relationship with Michelle Wangari Thiong’o, the businessman said they are so much in love and she is his whole heart.

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