“Because of your sins, your beloved wife will pay,” bizarre rapists leave note for their victim’s husband

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An aerial view of the Kakamega Referral hospital where the victim of Saturday's rape incident is being treated

A gang of daring rapists left a note addressed to the husband of a woman they kidnapped in Kakamega saying that they were doing it because of the man’s sins. The two men who were pretending to look for a house to rent came to the woman’s property where she has rental houses at Shikambi area within the town on Saturday afternoon.

They then asked to be shown around in order for them to choose the house they wanted. As the woman went for the keys to the vacant houses, one of the men requested her to open the main gate so that he could park their vehicle inside the property as it was blocking the main road. Once the car was inside the compound, the two men grabbed the woman and escaped to an unknown destination.

A neighbor, Joan Juma who was informed by the woman’s daughter reported the matter at the Kakamega Central Police Station using OB number 45/04/02/2023. She told the police that she had recovered a written note at the woman’s gate after she was taken away.

“Because of your sins, your beloved wife will pay,” said the note which is currently under the custody of officers from the Kakamega Central Police Station.

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The victim was later found at the Kakamega Navakholo highway looking dizzy.

“She was rushed to the Oasis Hospital before being taken to the Kakamega Refferal Hospital where it was established that she had been raped at gun point,” said the police.

The matter is currently under investigation.

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