Does Linet Toto’s fiance have another wife,kids? Questions emerge

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A photo collage of Nifty Kim and his fiance, Bomet Woman Representative Linet Toto

As expected, Kenyans on social media went behind the scenes to find out who exactly is this man who was lucky to engage, Bomet Woman Representative Linet Chepkorir Toto; his past, present, if he has a bicycle back home, how many chickens he owns, etc.

Godfrey Kimutai alias Nifty Kim has been on everyone’s lips since he swept Kenya’s youngest Woman Representative ever and one of politics’ biggest breakout stars off her feet and on Valentines day of all days of the year.

The preliminary results are out. He has in previous Facebook posts admitted that he is a father. Ooops. According to investigations by Kenyans on social media, Kim was married to a teacher and had three children with her.

Now take this in. He apparently neglected his children and proposed to Toto, whom he wants to start a new life with. In some of the posts, dated as back as eight years, the 29-year-old shared a photo of his children on his Facebook account, and fans flooded the post with sweet messages.

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“Yes, they are my lovely kids and I had taken them to Mau forest tour.” Another fan asked him about the kids’ mother’s whereabouts and Kim told him: “Don’t ask me about their mother.” Commenting on one of his sons Kim said he would be a manager like him.

Kim proposed to Toto in a colourful ceremony planned by event organizers and covered by videographers who have put up a video of the proposal on YouTube because it’s 2023 and if it’s not on YouTube then it never happened.

The banker and entrepreneur thanked Toto for accepting his marriage proposal in a lengthy post he shared online.

“I feel overwhelmed with love and excited for the next chapter of my life with the best person I could ever have asked for. Thank you, My love, for saying yes. Big thanks to my family, relatives and friends who played a big role in the planning and execution of this surprise proposal. God bless you,” he said.

He promised that he would make her happy and support her as she represents the people of Bomet. “I know God has given me the grace to partner with her as my fiance. This is just the beginning. The wedding is coming, and I promise that I will make her happy and she knows that,” he said.

Toto, who has had a complete lifestyle makeover since she was elected to parliament affirmed that she will get married to Kim calling him his king.

“And I said “I DO,” she crushed the hearts of anyone who thought they had a chance.

“It’s a new life chapter GOLDEN GILDED CAGE where we tied the knot..The vehement passion in oblivion, Reminiscences of the glorious moments shall never fade. You’ve permeated my soul like a labyrinthian. Your love reverberates and permeates inquietude in delirium and perturbs my solitude in an imperium. From today till the end of time, I confront you as my KING in a magnificent camaraderie of my heart. I promise to be an extraordinary one who can always make you laugh and see the world with. I will make all your days feel like an adventure. Innumerable aspirations may we succeed…May we walk miles and miles hand in hand.”

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