DPP given 15 days to make a decision on Maxine Wahome over rally driver Asad Khan’s death

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The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji has been given 15 days to provide clear guidelines in the case involving Safari Rally driver Maxine Wahome.

Maxine was first presented in court in December 2022, after an alleged scuffle between her and fellow rally driver Asad Khan who had been seriously injured and later succumbed. 

Ms Wahome was ordered to be reporting to the investigating officer at the Kilimani Police Station every Monday until the probe is completed.

On January 30, the investigating officer told the court they had completed their probe and handed over files to the DPP for a recommendation. Since then the case has barely moved.

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“The investigations officer has obligations to inform this court of the findings. I give the DPP and the investigating officer 15 days to file a report on the findings and how they wish to proceed with the matter,” Chief Magistrate Bernard Ochoi has ordered the DPP.

Similarly, the court directed that the property where Maxine and her late boyfriend Asad Khan lived, which had been marked as a crime scene be released to the owner in the next five days.

“I direct that in the event they have not collected any evidence including forensic evidence and photographs I give him five days to do so and return the premises to the owner,” Ochoi ruled. 

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