PHOTOS: Mejja finds love again one year after leaving toxic marriage. Who is the new girl?

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It looks like rapper Mejja has found love again after he posted a video of him having a good time and sharing kisses with a new woman. The new woman in question is known as Ray Zuri according to speculation online.

Mejja had last year said he made a decision to keep his relationships private after a nasty breakup with his ex-wife Milly Wairimu that played out on the internet for everyone to see.

“I had to (stay alone). I left love to Telemundo. Anyway, have a good night. Thanks and God bless”, he said in December.

“Me and my wife are not together at the moment. It is one of those cases I myself cannot understand. It is confusing because we were just fine, in layman’s language I would say she found her happiness in something else and it is her right, the same way I would have wanted her to understand me,” he explained.

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Ray Zuri

Wairimu however did not take the break up positively and has been trolling the rapper for months.

“Happy Birthday idiot. I wish you nothing but bad life. I mean you have to pay for your wicked ways. Jibambe,” she said during Mejja’s 36 birthday in May last year.

Manze najua mnapenda huyu msee but manze kenye alinipitishia! (I know y’all love him but no one deserves to go through what he made me go through.) I don’t think any human deserves it! But maybe one day I will talk about my story. For now, napendwa vizuri, call me Mrs. B,” she wrote.

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